Diverse Backgrounds, Focused Skills
Our interdisciplinary team of cross border legal, insurance, actuarial and finance professionals have deep experience as principal investors in the following areas:

Legacy Insurance:

  • Corporate acquisitions, restructurings and direct investment
  • Financial solvency and credit analysis  
  • Valuation of liabilities, including the actuarial analysis of future loss scenarios
  • In depth analysis of claim history - including product exposures, site exposures and the analysis of potentially exposed populations
  • Allocation of losses across insurance programs, taking into account multiple variables (choice of law, trigger, occurrence, allocation methods, effects of coverage in place or settlement agreements and SIR’s or deductibles, insurer insolvency, etc.)
  • Insurance settlement negotiations (US and London markets) and dispute resolution
  • Insurance cost share and policy billing
  • Analysis of corporate liabilities and insurance assets and structuring effective risk transfer solutions
  • Insurance archaeology, creation of policy charts, insurance policy analysis (for both US and London Market policies) and the valuation of insurance coverage assets
  • Asbestos claim administration and litigation management
  • Development of defense attorney networks
  • Deal documentation and transaction due diligence



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