Legacy Insurance Sector 

Legacy Liability Risk Transfer & Management

Insurance Claim Buy-Outs

We work with companies and their advisors to identify, structure and provide exit solutions for legacy liability risks such as asbestos, environmental and toxic tort claims.
We acquire a policyholder’s interest in an insurance claim via a lump sum non-recourse cash purchase, although we have the flexibility to entertain a variety of alternative deal structures.  We purchase both potential future payments on already settled claims - where we are taking on credit and timing risk - as well as  as unagreed claims where the claim has not been agreed with the insurer, where we take on settlement risk in addition to credit and timing risk. 

Policyholder Insurance Litigation Funding

Insurance Recovery Consulting

Policyholders often fail to pursue valid insurance claims because of budgetary concerns or other business considerations.  Similarly, law firms are often unwilling to proceed on a valid claim on a contingency fee basis, often due to firm policies having nothing to do with the recovery potential of the claim itself. We provide non-recourse funding options that are designed to maximize recovery outcomes while spreading cost and risk.
Our team has provided actuarial, coverage analysis, loss allocation modeling and settlement negotiation services for insurance recovery engagements which have collectively exceeded $5B in policyholder recoveries.  We will typically take assignments on a success fee basis.